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fine art preservation found at Silver Leaf Interiors framing department

Fine Art Preservation

Museum Quality!

Not all frame shops are created equal and we determined years ago our role often is to help you curate your family collection of photos, needle art, shadow box keepsakes etc.   We only offer museum quality mat boards and do not offer cardboard mats, sticky tape or acidic materials that are harmful to your artwork.  You may find when comparing pricing that some craft shops are less expensive and there is a reason for that.  If you are looking for a trusted source for your artwork and family keepsakes we have you covered.  We have a certified picture framer on staff and are happy to talk conservation! Our lead framer is busy in the shop but we let her out on Wednesday to work the front counter!  Our client really enjoy talking with the craftsperson who will be framing their artwork.  Schedule an appointment with Hannah or stop in