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Silver Leaf can stretch any canvas artwork

Canvas Stretching

Whether this is a rolled up piece you brought back from your travels, a family piece that needs some attention or a new canvas that needs stretching we can help.  Its also important to first determine the condition of the canvas material and the paint that was used before you start to stretch it.  If we determine that the canvas needs some special attention before we do our part, we work with a conservator who can help in conditioning and saving the artwork from cracking and damage. 

Canvas stretching is done by creating a backer frame that the canvas is stretch onto. It can then be framed with deeper frame choices including canvas floater frames and deep shadow box frames if required to not show the stretcher bar material when viewed from the side. This is an important detail when displaying the artwork you don’t want to get wrong.  Nothings more embarrassing than when your stretcher bars are showing!