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The summer weather has officially left us here in Madison folks.  Stop in to check out our "autumn inspired" showroom (and we mean that literally because our designer, Autumn, helped with the display)!

Autumn Inspiration at Silver Leaf

Silver Leaf Interiors is busy getting ready for the 2016 Holiday Season.  Stop in and see all of our NEW items for this year's Holiday Collection!

It's beginning to look a lot like....

It's just black and white... well not really!


Our showroom is looking pretty chic this season.

We are loving the mix of black, white, cream, yellow and blue. 

We are finding that the mix of traditional, contemporary and rustic industrial furniture and finishes is a very relaxed yet sophisticated look.  You’ll have to stop by to appreciate it in person but we wanted to share a quick view. 

And shortly we will start putting out our fall décor.  Its true!

Silver Leaf's Fall Showroom

Tucked across from the main entrance to Maple Bluff in Madison Wi, you will find our interior design showroom.

Silver Leaf Interiors offers boutique style experience for furniture, accessory and artwork shopping in our retail store. You will find sofas, chairs, pillows, area rugs, lamps, artwork, ceramics and vases, trays and florals displayed in our showroom. 

We are open Monday through Friday 10-5 with no appointment necessary... just stop in!.  

Silver Leaf Showroom

Silver Leaf Spring Furniture Sale!

Silver Leaf Showroom Shots





Showroom Shots

Look who’s coming for dinner, could be friends, family, coworkers and its all on you! Don’t let this send panic and cold chills through you. We all want the beautiful presentation that speaks of a relaxing evenings with friends, the kind you see in the magazines where everyone is happy and enjoying a perfect meal, in the perfect setting I’m not saying I never wanted to be a full-fledged Martha Stewart, minus the prison part, but there comes a time in life that you realize you have limits.

Smoke and Mirrors

That’s a wrap, well almost.

I’m going Christmas shopping! That’s right, you heard me. Retailers will be heading to buying markets across the country this month to stock up on stocking stuffers for next years holiday season, and I’ll be heading to the Windy City. Its actually a great time to reflect on what was hot and what was not in home decor because it’s fresh on our minds. Delayed shipping means we don’t have to see it until October, so as you can imagine when the boxes start arriving in our warehouse it’s like opening presents we forgot we bought. It’s kind of exciting:)