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Wall Art and Decor

You might have noticed below in our "before" picture, the second bed is missing its bedding but the walls are blank too!

We not only created this custom bedroom, furniture, bedding etc. for the grandkids to visit we also chose and hung the perfect companion artwork. 

Don’t leave out the details especially the artwork, its like an unmade bed!

We select artwork for clients every day.  We know how to do it, so don’t stress! We can get the colors and the size just right. 

Missing Something?


Wondering how to hang a wall grouping for visual impact?  Here is a peek at an installation we just did and we think we created just that.

Antique Plate Collection

When this little Lady Sock Monkey came to visit Silver Leaf, we just knew she needed a special frame.

Stacking two frames is a great way to add extra impact and texture. We love how the carved red liner frame works perfectly with the details of the canvas painting and we capped it off with a black high gloss frame.

Framing is the perfect tie into not only the artwork but also the highlights in your home's finishes and your personal style.    

We also love that we can show you where this little lady calls home!


Monkeyin' Around with framing!



Book Framing!

framing a gallery wall with Silver Leaf Interiors

Everyone has that collection of artwork they’ve gathered over the years.  Not sure what to do with it?  Let's create a gallery wall. Bring your etchings, oil paintings, lithographs, water colors and/or photography collection into our framing department at Silver Leaf Interiors. Our custom framer and designers will create a wall layout, select the framing combinations and even hang your art collection when its all complete.  Don’t stress, we have this covered. Its what we do!






Gallery Wall in Maple Bluff

Framed baseball memorabilia

This custom framed shadow box takes a trip down little league memory lane.  Our client brought in all his childhood memories of his favorite pastime, and asked us to create a custom shadow box frame showcasing his memorabilia from the good old days of his youth.  We took special care in conservation mounting and conservation glass to preserve this gem for years to come. Not only did he frame one for himself, he also framed one up for his best buddy to gift to him on his 60th birthday!  Love:) 

Take me out to the Ball Game!

Sleek and shiny, gilded and carved, traditional, contemporary, reclaimed are some of the many custom frame looks you can choose from. The wonderful thing about custom framing mirrors is you can create a very specific look for your home. We can make these  in any size using your choice of hundreds of frames.  We can create entry mirrors, vanity mirrors, dressing room mirrors, bar mirrors. The mirror itself is offered in both beveled edge and plate glass style.

Custom Mirrors

picture hanging services at Silver Leaf

We offer hanging services at Silver Leaf and are happy to talk with you about your specific needs.  Whether you have a large piece that needs to be hung on a masonry wall, a collection that will be hung as a gallery wall or an office that needs help displaying and hanging artwork and diplomas we can help. Contact us

Hanging Services

We all have our favorite pictures.  Let us help you “pick” the perfect way to display them!  This customer found an adorable picture of herself as a child and brought it in to Silver Leaf so we could help her make sure it lasts forever!  If you look closely you can see that her younger self is, how should we say, "digging for gold".  Too cute! At Silver Leaf Interiors, we have hundreds of frame options and an expert staff to help you choose just the right one!  Call 608-242-0707 to schedule an appointment today.

Frame Yourself Friday!

custom framing silver leaf interiors madison wi

Materials make all the difference. 

Conservation is Key!