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Good Design: Tailored Rustic – A 30 second read with Laura Groenier

Tailored Rustic; its not just black and white!

Rustic…it’s everywhere in home fashion, and how you use it in your décor and finishes is the perfect recipe for good design.  Mixing the rustic feel of reclaimed barn wood with the smooth finishes of soapstone, semi gloss paint and contemporary art, give this a one of a kind feel of rustic and tailored. This is not a lodge look.   Add some cool accessories and now you have a look that’s not just black and white!  Creating the perfect blend of funky and unexpected make these tailored rustic rooms inviting and simply fun to be in.

Take a look and be inspired and if you would like some more ideas on how to create this look check out our collection.  Shop the Look – Tailored Rustic

The perfect blend of funky and unexpected make these rooms simply fun to be in. The detail on the ceiling of rough gray barnwood is the perfect contrast with the fresh white and grey painted trim and doors and of course the accents in black make this oh so sophisticated. Its not just black and white folks, its brown and grey too!

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