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Smoke and Mirrors

Look who’s coming for dinner, could be friends, family, coworkers and its all on you! Don’t let this send panic and cold chills through you. We all want the beautiful presentation that speaks of a relaxing evenings with friends, the kind you see in the magazines where everyone is happy and enjoying a perfect meal, in the perfect setting I’m not saying I never wanted to be a full-fledged Martha Stewart, minus the prison part, but there comes a time in life that you realize you have limits. Limits in the time you have to create this magazine perfect life but that doesn’t mean we want to totally give up on it. I bet if you asked around we all have the collection of beautifully photographed recipes you hope to find the time to make someday, well I somehow have never found the time, instead I focus a couple simple family recipes to keep my stress in check. Kudos to you who find the time, the rest of us better set one heck of a table!

Setting a table for a dinner party should be fun, layered and it really sets the tone for the whole evening. But don’t kill yourself over this either. Strive to create a layered look you can use parts and pieces for other dinner parties. I have a buffet cabinet that houses placemats, cloth napkins, napkin rings, votives, candle sticks and vases and seasonal salad plates that I coordinate and layer over my dinner plates. I created a collection that allows me to mix and match for each of the four seasons. If you pick these pieces up throughout the year when it comes time to entertain you don’t have to add this to your shopping list. Creating an elegant, whimsical or causal table setting has more to do with who you are and your personality or the event you are hosting. And the best thing is the food is going to look awesome!

I’m not saying it’s all smoke and mirrors…well there could be a little smoke from the kitchen sauté pan and the candle sticks could be a wonderful mercury glass cut mirror…so maybe I AM saying it’s all smoke and mirrors, but the good kind Have fun and happy table setting!

P.S make Martha proud and don’t forget the fresh cut flowers