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If these walls could talk…

“Happy new year!” Yells your home as you wake the morning of New Year’s Day. Looking around the place after the abuse of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday parties, you wonder what resolutions your home might make if it could talk because it certainly looks like it has something to say. As with any news year’s resolutions it starts out small and builds……..I will strive for clean walls, dust free light fixtures, organized closets, a fresh set of draperies, a color scheme that makes sense, but most of all…….and this is when you can feel the tension in the air….should the words even be spoken, uttered out loud for all to hear…is the commitment too large? Just take a deep breath and say it……..with courage please…….here it goes! I will not allow another holiday gathering where I am the center of attention as I draw comments from the crowd (that are obviously laden in social courtesies), I will not have the kitchen taunt me with sweet something’s as it continues to look that way allowing me to ignore the obvious while my inner voice knows I’m only being charmed by its lure of good eats. I will have shinny new hardware on my doors this time next year, I will NOT have counter tops that scream party till it’s 1999 again and again knowing full well it’s 2014! I will have function and order and most of all I will have pride in myself, because it’s time, and I deserve it after all the things I put up with in a year, (you can almost hear the cabinet doors slamming) ……and remember, if these walls could talk…..well I guess they already did! Happy new year….love your ever present House:)