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The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches!  You don’t have to kiss too many frogs in order to get it right, just stop into Silver Leaf.

Accessorizing, it seems that this can be the hardest part for most people to do successfully. Is the scale right, do the colors balance, can I mix these things together, does it look too planned?    We’ve all heard the saying “you’re born with it”. Well it’s true, you either have an eye for placement or you don’t. But don’t worry, one of the great things about a full service design firm is we do all things interior, and we have a wonderful showroom full of accessories to help pull your look together.  From the lamps, pillows, artwork and shelf fillers… we will bring it all to you and arrange it for you as well!  Often our clients comment, “I could never have done that, how do you do it?”  We can either stop at your house to get an overview or you can stop in with photos of the room.  It’s the last 5% of the project that make or break the look, lets get going.