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Design Build

Our team has all the bases covered for your renovation. 

Our team of designers, trades and project managers work seamlessly together to ensure a well-orchestrated and smooth remodel.

Often our clients comment on the ease of a one stop experience at Silver Leaf and the confidence they have in our team. It’s a simple and efficient process and we find our formula creates the best aesthetic outcome and the happiest clients!

  • Our first step is a phone call or virtual meeting to understand your project scope, timeline and budget expectations.
  • The site visit comes next as it allows our design team to view the project, gather photos and understand the scope more clearly as it relates to the actual job site and how your family lives and gathers.
  • After the site meeting your design team will develop a projected cost proposal and scope outline for your review.
  • Once the project cost proposal is accepted, we move onto the design development phase.
  • During this process we will develop drawings and make finish selections for your remodel.  
  • A studio meeting to review our plans/drawings and selections is scheduled.
  • Once the plans and selections are complete, we schedule a trade walk through. 
  • Bids are gathered, and any site edits to drawings are created
  • A follow up meeting to review the final contract price and drawings is scheduled at our studio.
  • After signed contract, construction drawings are created, orders are placed, and our project manager will begin creating a schedule for your job based on lead times and availability of labor.
  • Let the fun begin, our team is about to bring our drawings to life!

Schedule an appointment with one of our designers today.