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Governor’s Trailblazer Award – 2016

Congratulations to our founder, Laura Groenier, who was nominated and awarded the Governors Trailblazer Award – Pioneer 2016.  

” It was quite an honor to be nominated and then selected to receive the Governors Trailblazer award.  I would like to thank Susan Studz for taking the time to notice my business longevity and nominate me. The surprise of having the nomination show up on my desk and then the thrill of being selected were a career high!  And as an extra bonus I have met so many wonderful women in business from across the State of Wisconsin.  Additionally, I would like to mention that this award gave me pause and consideration for all the women in business who have come before me to help blaze the trail which was not always easy and along the way encouraged other women in business to continue to follow their passion.”  – Laura Groenier, Founder – Silver Leaf Interiors INC.

Trailblazer Awards are given to businesses statewide to recognize the legacy of women’s business ownership in Wisconsin.  Categories including family-owned businesses that are currently majority woman-owned and have been in operation for three generations or more, and businesses with sole or majority ownership by a woman, or series of women, for 25 years or more.

“Here in Wisconsin, we have many woman-owned businesses leading the way for others like them. It’s great to acknowledge these business owners for their hard work and commitment to excellence. We hope they will continue their businesses legacy and be role models to other women who are considering opening a business and creating jobs in Wisconsin.” – Governor Scott Walker

Business Pioneer Awards
Recognize women-owned businesses that have been in continuous operation for 25 years or more.

Trailblazer Awards recognize the rich legacy of women’s business ownership in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin’s women-owned businesses have provided family supporting, community enriching jobs for generations. By starting and sustaining businesses, exploring markets, creating jobs and stimulating local economic growth, Wisconsin women business owners play a leading role in our economy.  The Trailblazer Awards celebrate women’s long history of entrepreneurship and deep roots in Wisconsin’s business community.

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