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It’s only paint!

It ok to have some fun here, its only paint!

Sliding doors can be a statement, and they don’t have to match your trim color. In this home our clients wanted a pop of color. We chose orange as it tied into the pillows and artwork package and really gives the wow factor as you enter the room. Whimsical and cheerful, it was the perfect choice for this young family and the style of their home.  This door was ordered new and painted on site. This is also the perfect time to use a reclaimed barn door or a custom distressed finish to fit your style.  The hardware is black wrought iron to match the hardware in the rest of the home. And don’t forget the handle, in this case a classic barn door handle was used. The function of this door is specific for the homes layout.  It sections off the lower family room from the bedrooms for privacy and noise control, and if you notice the little cat door next to it? That will also have its own little barn door, coming soon!